"Christ" means "Saviour, Messiah" 「基督」就是「救世主、彌賽亞」的意思

"Christ" means "Saviour, Messiah"

That's what Jesus told his disciples that in the last days "Christ, the Messiah," will come, and will be universal for all human beings and beings.
Such beliefs are called "Miles" beliefs in the East.

Christianity is the religion with the salvation of the "savior" as its core.
In the prophecy of Eastern religions, the faith of "Miles" to save the world also appeared.

"The return of the last-time lord" is the prophecy of the Oriental rabbit rabbit "Messiah" in Easter.
This is the greatest gift the French prophet Nostradamus left to the world!

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【2019台北國際宗教世紀大論壇 (第一屆)】
2019 Taipei International Religious Century Forum
時間:2019/12/29(日) 09:00~17:00
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